Power of Text Messaging in Real Estate and how to Succeed in it

Real Estate is all about having more and more customers and communicating with them without any disturbances. If any disruption leads to loss for the owners. The most commonly used communication channel is text messaging. Texting is the best marketing tool that drives up sales and leaves no discomfort or disturbances. Power of Text Messaging in Real Estate

Today’s real estate agents are expecting fast responses and instant delivery of messages and have successful customer relationships. Text messaging offers an effective way of communicating with customers. Interacting personally with the customers is possible only through SMS marketing which is sending automated messages. Customers are more comfortable having a conversation through messages only as the procedure is very simple. SMS messages are short and convey the message to the right people in the right amount of time.SMS helps real estate with promotions, appointment reminders, client relationships, and many more ways. 

Here are some practical ways of real estate text messaging. 

Appointments and reminders: 

Real estate agents are always in search of customers and scheduling appointments, reminding them about the appointments. These can be made through phone calls or emails. It doesn’t have many effects when made through SMS messages. As phone calls or emails make the customer forget the message stays in the mobile phone unless deleted by the customer only. There is certain SMS  software like  Calendly which helps to schedule messages to the clients at a given time. Automated alerts can be sent using Calendly.

Example: Hi Mr.Sanjay, You have an appointment tomorrow at 10 a.m. to meet the real estate agent Ajith from Agastya Infra Projects. Do not forget to attend the meeting without fail.

With regards, Agasthya Infra Projects.

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Welcome message: 

With the help of text messaging real estate agents can benefit and drive more sales. For example, Many people look into the website or get to know about the company, and they sign up using the signup forms. After signing up automated welcome messages or confirmation messages have to be sent to the customer to make them feel safe as this is a trusted company. Without having any welcome message or lead conversation leads to unsubscribe from the company or the clients may think as harshly about the company.

Example: Hey! Thank you for joining our company. This is the festive season so there are exciting offers and deals. Click the link and have a look in detail.

Provide listing information: 

Real estate is about selling lands, houses, and many projects. Clients need to be informed about the latest information such as new lands, prices of lands, houses, etc. Without informing them the client cannot know about the latest information regarding the lands or houses. So the agents have to provide listing information to the customers. Make use of SMS gateways which is SMS sending software that makes the work easier. A software named Textedly sends automated messages to all the contacts according to the client’s preferences or choices. This allows the clients to choose according to their interests.

Make use of shortcodes: 

These are the auto-generated codes for any business that helps the customers to communicate with the owners. Short codes are 5-digit numbered codes that can be used to send messages by the customers to the business owner to get any information. The SMS services provide shortcodes for businesses and send messages along with the shortcodes so that customers can reach out to the agents. These shortcodes can be added to any promotional messages or advertisements. So that the customer can send a text message to the mentioned code.

For example Now available 3 bedroom villas in Siripuram.Interested people can send a message ‘First buy’ to  5566. To get more information contact us.

Sending invitations: 

Power of Text Messaging

Generally, real estate agents host events for their clients and this event requires promotional materials, organizing, decorations, location setting, and many more. Apart from all these agents have to send invitations to the customers to participate in the event and make it a success. Sending invitations becomes very hectic for real estate agents. Here comes the savior, Evite. Evite is an SMS service provider that has pre-designed templates and automated alert messages. With the help of these templates, invitations can be made and can be sent using the automated alert button to the selected contact list at a time with a single click only. This provides all the event details to the invitees and becomes much easier for the real estate hosts.

Promotions and offers: 

Using text messaging special offers can be sent. Promotional messages can also be sent to promote their brand. During festive times or special days, there will be a decrease in prices or extra offers can be added. The clients should know about these offer prices which will be helpful for them. Text messages can be sent to let them know about these prices.

Example: It’s a Navratri sale and do not miss out on the Navratri celebrations with these exciting offers: Buy 1 flat and get 15% off. For more information visit our website,

Best Real Estate SMS providers: 

Follow Up Boss 

Real Geeks 

Guni SMS

Lion Desk 

Simple Texting 

These are a few service providers that have key features such as automated texting alerts, integration with lead providers, pre-designed templates, and autoresponder.

 According to surveys, 62% prefer to share real estate information through text messages only. And 90% of messages are read immediately after delivery of the message. With this, the success rate of real estate started increasing rapidly leading to higher profits.


Real Estate text messaging is the best and most effective way to interact with clients having a higher response rate.SMS marketing has become the most used tool by everyone and the above-mentioned practices have also made real estate text messaging more powerful. 


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