Improve Air Quality in Your Home – 7 Ways that Actually Work

When we talk about air pollution, the things that come to our mind are the big old factories and traffic-clogged cities. But the air quality inside our home might be worse than the outside. So, air pollution can affect our health a lot, no matter if you are inside or outside. Obviously, the government will take action to improve the air quality outdoors. But inside your home, only you are one who can improve it.

There are many ways to improve air quality in your home. We’ve listed the best ways to enhance the quality of air in your homes. So, if you want to know the different methods, consider reading this article till the end.

1. Opening the Windows

Opening the windows is one of the obvious reasons if you want the fresh air to let in and improve the air quality in your home. In winter, you might not want to ruin the warm environment in your home, so you might consider closing the windows. But to get the nasties out and let oxygen in, you should consider opening your windows.

2. Avoid Smoking to improve Air Quality

You might have heard “Smoking is injurious to health,” and that’s right. But Smoking is not only injurious to smokers but also to the people around them. So, if you are a smoker, try not to smoke indoors.

3. Regular Cleaning and Dusting

Many household textiles, including upholstery and carpets, attract dust and allergen. So, it’s essential to have regular cleaning and dusting. Regularly wash your bedsheets, curtains, and blankets. If you have pets, keep their fur healthy and well-groomed. These small things can make a huge impact on improving the air quality in your home. Also, regularly clean your matte finish tiles or any other tiles and stones installed in your home.

4. Buy an Air Purifier

Some dust particles are not visible to our eyes, making them almost impossible to clean. So, this is when the air purifier plays its essential role. It can remove nearly 100% dust particles by drawing in the dirty air, filtering it, and releasing fresh and clean air.

5. Invest in Some Indoor Plants

Plants are natural air filters. So, investing in indoor plants can improve air quality, bring aesthetic benefits and improve the interior design style of your home. You can get either small or larger plants. Whichever you choose should fit best with your style and budget.

6. Don’t Forget the Kitchen Chimneys

The kitchen is another primary source of air pollutants. The gas stoves we use release carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, which are pretty harmful. So, whenever you cook, make sure to turn on the kitchen vents or if you don’t have one, open the windows to help filter out the air even more.

7. Avoid Using Strong Fragrances

Perfumes, Aroma oils, mosquito coils, candles, and incense sticks release organic compounds like aerosols and nitrogen dioxide that can affect our respiratory system. Apart from these, many cleaning products like detergents, fabric softeners, and floor cleaners also contain air pollutants. So, you should avoid using too many of them to improve the air quality in your home.


These are the seven most important and easy ways to improve your home’s air quality to have a healthy living environment. You can even consider getting help from a professional if you are unsure how to enhance air quality.

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