December Birth Flower: Tattoo, Holly, Narcissus

The flower of December is known as the tattoo flower often referred to as Holly. It is a sprig made of leaves in the form of white flowers. This flower is a symbol of tattoos with a rich tradition and has numerous significances. Tattoo flowers are often located in the northern hemisphere and are indigenous to Europe, Asia, and North America. It is part of the honeysuckle species and is available in a variety of hues like white, red, and yellow. The tattoo flower is characterized by a long flowering time and is seen in bloom between June and the end of August.

December Birth Flower: Tattoo

The flower of December is the symbol of tattoos, sometimes referred to as narcissus or holly. The tattoo is a beautiful white flower that looks like an eagle. It is indigenous in Europe in addition to Asia It has been utilized in tattoos for many centuries. Tattoos are believed to symbolize purity beauty, innocence, and innocence. It also is associated with the Christmas season.

December Birth Flower: Holly

The Holly is the Christmas birth flower. This evergreen flower has shiny, dark green leaves as well as red berries. The holly symbolizes protection and luck.

December Birth Flower: Narcissus

If you’re looking for the perfect December birthflower present Look no further than the Narcissus! It is Narcissus is a stunning white flower, which is known to symbolize pure innocence and purity. It is also referred to as daffodil, jonquil, or paperwhite. Narcissus is a flower that has been around for centuries. Narcissus originates from Europe in addition to Asia it has been in cultivation for long periods of time. Its name “Narcissus” comes from the Greek myth of Narcissus who was a young man who was in love with himself and his reflection.

 According to the legend, the man gazed upon his reflection in the pool of water until he drowned. The Narcissus is a symbol of self-love that can be good or harmful. Self-love too much could lead to narcissism however, a balanced amount of self-love is vital to an enjoyable and satisfying life. Gift a Narcissus to the person you love this holiday season!

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How to Choose a December Birth Flower

If you’re looking for the perfect December birth tattoo there are many choices. The most well-known birth month floral design is holy that symbolizes protection and luck. Narcissus is another option for flowers for December births because it symbolizes the hope of renewal and optimism.

When picking the December birth date flower tattoo, it’s important to take into consideration the significance of the flower. Holly’s tattoos may symbolize Christmas cheer, whereas Narcissus’ tattoos could represent the optimism of the new year. Pick a design that is meaningful to you personally and your connection to December.

The Meaning of December Birth Flowers

The flower of December is called the Narcissus. The Narcissus is an emblem that is beautiful and vanity. The Narcissus is sometimes referred to as the daffodil or the jonquil. Its name “Narcissus” comes from the Greek myth of the young man who was in love with his reflection in the water of a lake. The Narcissus symbolizes purity as well as innocence and new beginnings. The birth flower for December is also known as the holy. It is a symbol of luck, prosperity, and security.


The flower of December includes the tattoo, which is holly or Narcissus. Each flower is unique in its meaning and significance that goes with the flower. If you’re born in December, selecting one of these flowers for tattoos or pieces of jewelry is a wonderful opportunity to display your personality and the values you represent.

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