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Written by Reiniel singh

Before you even begin reading this piece, there is something I need to clarify. This essay was not sponsored by Shein (previously Shein’s side),

nor did I get any sort of payment (monetary or otherwise) for writing it. For this Shein purchase, I used my own cash.


I can’t believe I took the time to write this article after all these years of being a satisfied customer of Shein. Many of you are undoubtedly fashionistas on a shoestring budget,

like me. Plus, stores like Shein, Romwe, Oasap, and Choices provide jaw-dropping goods at prices that seem too wonderful to be true.
Yeah, I’ve seen the BBB reports and read the nightmare customer experiences with shein dresses. Even though they have terrible reviews,

These items are worn by every fashion blogger and thrift store shopper.
Okay, here’s a guess: Over 500 SheIn goods are now available on the Shein coupon code page. Those who haven’t fallen in love with their SheIn purchases may now try them on, send them back, or get a different size. You may say that your possessions “spark delight” in you.


Am I right in thinking that Shein is a fraud? Is it safe to rely on Shein? How would you rate the quality of items sold on SheIn? Where do people stand on their experiences with Shein (Shein’s side)? To what extent does Shein allow for exchanges and refunds?
Then you’ve found the ideal spot to be. Herein are my unvarnished thoughts, observations, and photographs in response to your inquiry as a fellow customer. A few years back, while still a student,

I stumbled into Shein. Many of my dollars have been spent at Shein throughout the years. Ready? Come on, then, let’s get going.


Is Shein a legitimate business, then? Certainly,

to answer your question in a nutshell. However, some of their methods may seem odd at first (and suspicious). You must, for instance,

pay for the overseas return of your package (read Shein’s return policy).
Customers in the United States may return their first purchase for free if they place it within 40 days (read it here) on Shein’s dresses. The free return policy doesn’t take into consideration the fact that it might take weeks for your item to reach your doorstep.
When I purchase here, unlike at many U.S. businesses where I’m used to purchasing, I never have to worry about shipping costs, and I can even return items at no cost to me.


The headquarters of Shein’s dresses may be found in China. My most recent shipment came all the way from Hong Kong. As a thank you for my purchase, Express Shipping was provided at no cost to me since I

spent over $100. In addition, I used a discount code for Shein and earned $0.99 in points, bringing the total down to $99. After less than a week, I finally got my shipment.


It is highly recommended that you pay the additional $12.90 for Express Shipping if you need to get your product quickly in the United States. Alternatively, if you spend above $100, Express Shipping is on the house.

also check this link:


So, you got your Shein’s order and weren’t crazy with the outfits. How do you go about obtaining a refund if you decide to send the goods back?
Without shipping insurance, you’re liable for the return cost. Never bought shipping insurance. Unloved Shein’s clothing gets donated or given away. Since the garments are so cheap,

I felt I’d rather donate them than receive a refund. No thanks. Shein’s return policy link.
Many consumers have complained about not obtaining a refund after paying to return a product. Review here on Shein’s dresses. You’ve read Shein’s reviews, but you can’t resist getting that thing. Shein website purchasing suggestions.


Only buy items with reviews to see what others think. Shein’s clothes usually look great on models (they’re in business). Seeing the same garment on a client helps you decide.
Always check Shein’s item size. If an item is advertised as XS-XL, don’t buy your usual size. Shein’s apparel runs small, so measure to size up (or down) as required.
Shein’s first, second, or tenth time? Find a Shein’s discount code to save money. 10% off $100+ with coupon AFE10. Shein’s website offers frequent discounts. This Shein’s coupon may save you money: -ROUND2 $10 off $59+.
Shein’s is a great place to get economical new fashions (like faux suede, ruffle sleeves, peplum dresses, and off-shoulder tops). This website is an excellent method to explore new styles. Compare this $495 Self Portrait lace dress to its $29 Shein’s version.
I wouldn’t suggest Shein’s for timeless things. Exceptions exist. Shein’s is a fast-fashion one-stop store.
Shein’s cloth is low-quality, as the term goes. I’ve discovered some keepers.


I ordered on June 16; it arrived on June 21. Shein’s dresses orders over $100 receive free express delivery. Don’t overreact. Alaska doesn’t provide free Express Shipping. My prior experience delivering to Alaska with normal delivery was 2-4 weeks.

I shipped to the lower 48 states. I skipped the $2.99 shipping insurance. Shein’s takes credit cards and PayPal. I usually use PayPal for non-US stores. PayPal’s dispute policy favors consumers.


The sizes of the garments I purchased span from extra small to medium, as you can see in the list above. This is due to the fact that the sizing of Shein’s dress clothes seems arbitrary to me. To figure out what size to get, I checked the item’s dimensions (in inches).
Measurements (in inches): 32 inseams, 26 across the chest, 36 across the hips. Having a rough estimate of your size will help you make more informed purchasing decisions.

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