Poison Girl Unexpected Perfume For Christmas

Poison Girl Unexpected is a festive scent from DIOR that will delight the senses with a fresh and sparkling bouquet. With a cerebral rose base and a delicious dry down, this fragrance will lure you in with its affable appearance. But beware – there’s a catch!

Poison Girl Unexpected is a year-round fragrance

Poison Girl Unexpected is the latest fragrance from Dior, and it is a radically pop-inspired scent. The spicy, sassy fragrance opens with a double dose of Tanzanian ginger. This tart ingredient melds perfectly with the bright citrus heart, while a rich musk and tonka bean provide the scent with a sensual base.

It is not a cologne, and is therefore a great year-round fragrance. This designer scent has a luminous base note, but the citrus and ginger notes add a different dynamic. It is safe to wear to work, and is also perfect for a night out.

It is a version with a large dose of ginger

Poison Girl Unexpected is Dior’s new flanker for the original Poison Girl fragrance, featuring ginger accords and a fresh floral heart. The fragrance opens with ginger, light bitter orange, and vanilla accords before settling into a sweet, floral heart. A warm base of tonka bean, vanilla, and honey rounds out the scent, making it an excellent choice for the warmer months.

The gingery heart of Poison Girl Unexpected adds a touch of spice to the floral heart of the fragrance. It is packaged in an elegant glass bottle with a pearl-topped roller. The roller is a handy way to apply the fragrance, and the 20-ml bottle is hermetically sealed with a screw-on cap.

It is housed in a new Roller-Pearl bottle

Poison Girl Unexpected by Christian Dior is a refreshing, fresh fragrance with an oriental fresh base. It features notes of lemon, ginger, blood orange, tonka bean, cashmeran, and hazelnut. The fragrance also has a soft underlying sweetness. It has a long-lasting formula, lasting up to four hours. The newest Poison Girl scent is also housed in a new roller-pearl bottle.

The new Roller-Pearl bottle is a new addition to the Poison Girl line and is both stylish and functional. It houses the scent in a modern bottle with a screw-on cap. The new bottle is made of beautiful glass and is adorned with a delicate pearl. This bottle provides easy application of the fragrance and is perfect for touch-ups.

It is a story of femininity

Dior Poison Girl Unexpected is more than just a fragrance. It tells a story of femininity. It has a slightly scandalous air, but the scent is refined and elegant. The new fragrance reinvents the myth of feminine perfumery, as a story of a seductive woman who dares to assert herself. It’s the scent of a woman who is provocative and assertive, and she has a signature.

Poison Girl Unexpected is a sparkling, fresh fragrance. It is a companion to the iconic Dior perfume Poison, but unlike its predecessor, Poison, it is not restricted to colder weather. It contains ginger and citrus notes that give it a different dynamic. It’s perfect for the office and for a night out.

It is a fragrance of tension and shock

Poison Girl Unexpected Perfumer for Christmas is a fusion of sex and a touch of mystery. The base note, which is reminiscent of rose petals, is a blend of green, velvety leaves and powdery lightness. The top notes are lighter and more fruity.

Poison Girl Unexpected Perfumer Christine Daubig combines the sweet and spicy notes of sex, which makes this a gourmand scent. The opening is fresh, with ginger and citrus notes providing a zing. The fragrance also features warm vanilla, tonka bean and musk, creating a rich, sensual base. Poison Girl Unexpected is a modern-day gourmand scent that lingers on the skin for hours.

It is a story of danger

Poison Girl Unexpected is a new fragrance for Christmas. Its name is a play on the famous perfume, and the fragrance is a blend of sweet cream and candied fruit. Its base note is creamy, and the top notes are fruity and light. The fragrance also has a touch of vanilla and ginger.

Poison Girl Unexpected is the brand’s newest fragrance, and it is a story of danger and mystery. This fresh, sparkling fragrance is the perfect scent for the holidays. Its sparkling, cerebral rose and delicious dry down entice with their appealing appeal. As a result, Poison Girl Unexpected makes a bold statement without being overbearing.

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