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How to Draw : Drawings of Nemo

Finding Nemo was a 2003 animated film, but even though it’s approaching 20 years old, it’s still popular with audiences today. Thanks to the beautiful ocean setting and unforgettable characters, the film has since inspired other forms of media, including a sequel, books, video games, and more.

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Drawing of Nemo Step by Step



To dive straight into this guide on how to draw Nemo, we’ll start with his head and face. The best way to do this is to start with your eyes. For the left eye, we’ll draw a round shape that’s a bit flatter than a perfect circle or oval. Next, we’ll draw two circles inside the eye outline, one inside the other, for its pupil. You can then copy a double eye on the proposal, but this one will be significantly less due to the pitch.

After drawing the eyes, we’ll use a few more curved lines to represent her smiling mouth between them. Once that’s done, we’ll draw a few more lines for the side of her face. These lines will meet at a point in the right eye. Once it looks like our reference image, we’ll move on to step 2.

Step 2:

One of Nemo’s flippers has a unique feature, but we’ll draw it in a later step. For now, we will add the first fin to your drawing of Nemo. This fin will go on the right side of Nemo, and the fin’s outline will be rounded with smaller jagged edges for the edge of the fin. You can then finish with a line detailing the center of the fin, as shown in our reference image.

Step 3:

For part three of our guide on how to draw Nemo, we’ll add another section to his body and head. Using the thick line on top of its head, you can draw its dorsal fin using more curvy, bumpy lines. We will then draw two lines around her face, almost like she is wearing a necklace. Finally, you can draw a short line for the base of its body and add some small fins to it. Then you are ready for step 4!

Step 4:

We mentioned that Nemo has an unusual fin, and we’ll draw it along with some additional elements in this phase of your Nemo drawing! This fin on the left is considerably less than the one on the request and functions as one of the most distinctive features of the character design.

Next, once you’ve drawn this smaller fin, we’ll add a bit more to its body. After drawing more stripes for him, you can continue drawing his body. It gets thinner as it moves toward its tail. There will again be other small fins on its back, and you can start drawing its tail. Then we’ll finish the final details in the next step!

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Step 5:

This step in our guide to drawing Nemo will be to complete the final traces and components. First, use a stuffy, jagged line for the advantage of the tail, then draw the sides. Once you’ve drawn this outline, you can finish Nemo by adding a few lines inside his tail. That’s all; you can color it for the next step! Before doing this, as many additions to this drawing.

A fantastic way to do this would be to draw a scene, which you could do by recreating your favorite scenes from the movies. You can also draw other characters, like his father, Marlin. How would you complete this image?

Step 6:

We’ll add color to your image in this final step of your Nemo drawing! It has an excellent bold color scheme of bright yellow with orange and black stripes, so those are the colors we’ve chosen in our reference image. You can also use different shades of these colors to create an even more dynamic look in your image. Then you can choose which craft mediums to operate to bring your image to life! 

It would be nice to use brighter mediums like color markers for Nemo and more subtle mediums like watercolor paints for the background. It is just one of many approaches you could take, so be sure to have fun experimenting with unique colors!


Four more ways to make your Nemo drawing unique

Dive underwater to make that Nemo sketch even better with these tips! This drawing of Nemo looks excellent, but it looks incomplete without a particular personality. Fortunately, he looks a bit like his son Nemo, so now that you’ve drawn him, it will be easy for you to draw Marlin alongside Nemo. You can also check out the movie or online images for the finer details of this character. You can also fill this design with more characters from the movies. The films are filled with many colorful and iconic characters to choose from if you want.

These could include Dory, the fish from the dentist’s office in the first movie, the scary sharks, and many more. You can contain as numerous or as few of these characters as you want! Again, pictures online or movies will help you draw these characters. Another way to show off this drawing of Nemo would be to add a background. You would include a ton of choices if you liked to push this. First, it could replicate specific scenes and locations from the movies. Or, if you’re probing more creatively, you can create a new location for Nemo to explore.

Are you considering using an existing location or creating your own for this image? If you’ve decided to depict a particular scene from the movie in your Nemo sketch, there are several ways to go even further. For example, if you have a favorite quote from the movie, you can draw a speech bubble with that quote near the character. You can also ensure to include the appropriate backgrounds and characters associated with the scene. This way, you can recreate any of your favorite moments from the movie to complete this piece of art!



Your drawing of Nemo is finished!

It will complete this guide on how to draw Nemo! He’s an adorable and dynamic character, so in this guide, we try to show you that recreating this design can be easy and a lot of fun. I hope we have achieved this goal for you!

After completing this guide, you can have fun recreating your favorite moments from the movies or adding other beloved characters.

It would be a great way to keep the fun going, so how will you finish this image with your details? Even after finishing this drawing, the fun doesn’t have to stop! You can find similar drawing guides on our website, and we will upload new ones soon. Once you’ve finished and colored your Nemo drawing, please share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire!

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