Manali Trekking Routes


The mountains lower you and make you feel special. The Manali of Himachal state in the north is dotted with alpine trees and cuts through them with awe-inspiring trails that showcase the true charm of a mountain. Endless views and snow-capped peaks continue to lift your soul as your body ascends. Something similar is the history of trekking in Manali.

Decorated with stunning vistas and challenging hikes, Manali is a muse of adventurers. Year-round, adventurers come to Manali to hike through the jungle, where they are awaited by sprawling campsites, endless adventures, and outdoor activities. 


Trekking in Manali

More than just trekking, here you can take part in several activities in this adventure capital of India such as cycling tours, paragliding, and jeep safaris. Sitting at about 2,000 meters high, these hikes will test you on many levels. Strategically, many popular Himalayan hikes such as Beas Kund Trek, Bhrigu Lake, and Chandratal Lake originate in the Manali-region.

With trekking routes throughout Manali, you can easily choose your favorite place based on your choice of location and difficulty level. Most trips in Manali and beyond are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These hikes are just as popular as winter hikes in India, where narrow mountain trails make it a thoroughly thrilling experience for adventurers. Here we have selected some of the best routes that will give you a great trekking experiences.

1. Jogini Waterfalls Trek

Jogini Waterfalls Trek is somewhat like a hike. The short 3km hike makes it one of the best trekking spots in Manali.

Ideal duration:

30 minutes

Maximum altitude:

6,700 feet

Starting point:

Vashisht Temple

Ending point:

Jogini Waterfall

Difficulty level:


2. Lama Dugh 

It is more than a relaxing day of hiking in the thick mountains that surround the town. One of the easiest paths to walk, Lama Dugh is the perfect choice for trekking in Manali. The route will take you past Hadimba Temple to Lama Dugh through the jungle and mountains. There’s no water hole in the middle of the walk, which means you’ll need to be fully equipped before you start.

Ideal duration:

7 hours

Maximum altitude:

9,900 feet

Starting point:


Ending point:

Lama Dugh

Difficulty level:


3. Crossing Lake Bhrigu

grazing on a steep green-carpeted mountain is a feast for the eyes. When traveling to Bhrigu Lake Trek, you will come across many such scenes. Lake Bhrigu is a glacial lake near Manali and one of the highlights of trekking. The lake remains frozen most of the year and it’s a really fun place to hike.

Ideal duration: 4 days

Max altitude: 14,000ft

Start point: Gulaba

End point: Rola Khuli

Difficulty level: Medium


Outer space is the vast sky of Manali. The Hamya Herbal Trek is a perfect opportunity to explore the vast terrain of the Himalayas. This place is known as a prime stop for adventurers looking for a perfect trail for trekking in Manali. The trek is intended for adventure enthusiasts who have considerable experience in the walking field. Pandu Ropa is where you start your trip as well as where you end it. Beautiful campsites and tents await you at Hamya Herbal Trek.

Ideal time: 8 days

Maximum altitude: 14,000 feet

Starting point: Manali

Ending point: Pandu Ropa

Difficulty: Medium

4. Deo Tibba Trek

A 1.5-hour taxi ride from Manali will take you to Kanor, the trekking base camp. Deo Tibba is one of the Himalayan region’s most scenic hikes and certainly not an easy one. The Deo Tiva Trek, through alpine forests and lush meadows, offers the ultimate Kuru Manali trek experience. This trail is a must for beginners as well as experienced trekkers.

Ideal Duration: 6 Days

Maximum Altitude: 14,700 feet

Starting Point: Kanor

Ending Point: Kanor

Difficulty: Moderate

Bead Kund Trek. The treks range from easy to moderate and are the perfect cure for soulless adventures. The trek starts in the Solan Valley, passes deep into the Alps, and finally reaches Beas Kund. May to October is the ideal time for this trek. An ideal weekend destination from Delhi, this trek takes you through the headwaters of the Beath River. With this experience, you will also enjoy the benefits of camping in Manali and create many memories.

Ideal Duration: 2 Days

Maximum Altitude: 12,100 feet

Starting Point: Solang Valley

Ending Point: Bish Kund


Moderate, Deo Tiba Peak, Pir Panjal, and Parvati Mountains. Although it looks intimidating, the entire Kullu Valley region is perfect for trekking. The total trek is 22 km with moderate uphills. This hike is suitable even for beginners.

Ideal Duration: 3 Days

Maximum Altitude: 12,000 feet

Starting Point: Patricourt

Ending Point: Ramus

Difficulty: Medium

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