A Comparison of Top EHR Solutions — Acumen vs AdvancedMD

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EHR Solutions — Acumen vs AdvancedMD, healthcare providers have the responsibility to adhere to best practices when taking care of their patients. Technological advancements have made it simpler to do so. Electronic Health Records (EHR) software provides an ideal solution to maintaining accurate and up-to-date patient data—readily accessible when needed. The result is quicker, more efficient, and well-coordinated care for patients. There are several software utilities preferred by healthcare providers around the world. In the following article, we compare two of the top-tier software: Acumen vs AdvancedMD. 

Acumen EHR Software:

A cloud-based software, Acumen EHR (also referred to as Acumen EHR) has been specifically designed for nephrology practices. It offers a comprehensive patient portal where details related to clinical information and medical appointments remain readily available.  

Acumen EHR Overview:

The software is a solution for sharing HIPPA-compliant reports, charts, and other patient information across the concerned healthcare team. Since the software focuses on nephrology practices, medical professionals will also have the ability to collaborate with relevant hospitals, dialysis units, and laboratories. The portal is also a secure way to share messages between patients and their doctors.  

Here is a highlight of Acumen EHR Features:  

Patient Portal:

A feature that allows quick and simple access to complete patient history. This helps the healthcare professional to offer improved and reliable diagnosis and treatment.  

Appointment Scheduling:

Using the same portal, patients can schedule appointments. It also provides the utility of appointment cancellation when needed. Acumen EHR also sends alerts and reminders whenever an appointment is scheduled or canceled by either side (patient or healthcare provider). 

Billing Tools:

Billing can become a hassle; especially when doctors are busy and have a significant number of patients under their care. Given the consolidated information portal of Acumen EHR, it is simple to perform day-to-day billing functions with reduced risk or miscalculations.  


To round off Acumen features, doctors, staff, and patients will find it easier to communicate among themselves. With no need to man the phone anymore, doctors and patients will experience improved clinical efficiency.  

Other Acumen features also include e-prescribing, compliance tracking, practice management software, patient demographics, mobile application, and reporting & analytics.  

Acumen Demo:

To get basic knowledge of how Acumen EHR works, it is recommended to book a demo of the software. If interested, you can book a free Acumen demo through Software Finder.  

Acumen Pricing:

In addition to enterprise- and mid-level organizations, small medical practices can also afford Acumen pricing. To get a price quote for your particular organizational requirements concerning the software, you can place a request through Software Finder.  

Acumen EHR Reviews:

The software has been mostly rated between excellent and average. Users particularly appreciate the user-friendly and flexible interface. They have also indicated that understanding the software is easy thanks to the comprehensive training modules provided. On the other hand, users have found the software to run slowly at times.  

AdvancedMD EHR Overview:

Designed for physical therapy, mental health, independent physicians, and medical health organizations, AdvancedMD EHR software is a suite of integrated software solutions that streamline the day-to-day functions of healthcare professionals.  

Key AdvancedMD EHR Software Features:

AdvancedMD EHR offers a comprehensive set of valuable features.  

Scheduling: A calendar efficiently records patient appointments. The feature also helps track patient visits, schedule recurring appointments, and set automatic reminders. It ensures quick access to daily appointment schedules as well as a reduction in no-shows.  

Billing: This feature simplifies payment collections. It also assists in the verification of insurance eligibility of patients, along with storing medical billing information in one place.  

Patient Portal: This feature is accessible to both patients and healthcare providers. Patients will be able to view laboratory results, pay medical bills, make appointments, and message their doctors. Meanwhile, health professionals can manage prescription renewals, send alerts and notifications, and communicate with patients.  

Physician-oriented Dashboard: Healthcare providers can use this specific feature to schedule and view appointments, access test results, communicate with patients and staff, create referral letters, and manage to-do lists.  

Patient Communication Tools: This particular utility in the software allows segmenting patient lists, where you can also set criteria for sending either emails or texts. Not only it enhances patient engagement but supports sales promotion messages to patients as well.  

Other AdvancedMD features include a clearinghouse, e-prescribing, telemedicine, a smart dashboard, configurable templates, a patient kiosk mobile app, and a health watcher. 

AdvancedMD EHR Demo:

You can learn about further workings of the software by scheduling a demo. You can easily book a free AdvancedMD demo through Software Finder. The software demo is a great way to discover if it can benefit your particular medical practice.  

AdvancedMD EHR Pricing:

The software has two pricing options. In the first option, you can choose the features that are more suitable for your organization, get certain discounts, and create your own bundle. In the second option, you can choose from preconfigured bundles.  

AdvancedMD EHR Reviews:

The overall rating for AdvancedMD is 3.60 based on ease of use, customer support, functionality, and value for money. Users have appreciated that the software is customizable, its interface is user-friendly, and it offers a comprehensive set of features. On the downside, users have reported frequent glitches/bugs and slow running. 

Acumen vs AdvancedMD — The Takeaway:

Both software applications are valuable for medical organizations. However, discussing the individual software in this article, it is evident that Acumen EHR is limited in its features as compared to a wider suite offered by AdvancedMD. Meanwhile, the utility offered by AdvancedMD of purchasing a customized features bundle is quite convenient. On the other hand, the exact needs of your medical practice will play a significant role in what software you choose. For example, the size of your practice, patient load, nature of the medical practice, and budget are a few necessary factors to consider before making your choice. It is highly recommended to book free demos to obtain valuable insights before making a final decision. 

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